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Happy Hour

Monday-Friday 3to6 and all night Thursday

1/2 price DRAFT


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Under New Management

The owners of Nino’s Italian Restaurant and residents of the Magnolia Woods area, Elton and Randee Hyndman, recently took over Oscar’s and are offering a new “made from scratch” menu. Everything is made in house from our whole wheat sourdough crust, to our oven roasted pizza sauce, to our ice creams! Chef Elton has taken the same approach to Oscars as he does at Nino’s. A simple, fresh and even healthier take on traditional fare. Healthy pizza and ice cream? Our dough, pizza sauce, fresh pasta, salad dressings and homemade frozen custard are all made on site without any preservatives, just the raw ingredients necessary to make great tasting food. Even our mozzarella cheese has no unnecessary additives.

The Pizza

The San Franciscan sour dough starter was developed many years ago while living in Seattle. It is 100% organic whole wheat rye flour and is a live culture. It rode shotgun with me as I drove to make Baton Rouge my new home in 2007.

The Sauce has no sugar or preservatives. It is made fresh with onions, basil oregano, garlic and red wine. It is baked to give it a dark flavor that compliments the bright tomatoes.

Quality mozzarella is essential to any great pizza and we use a great cheese with just four ingredients; milk, salt, cheese culture and rennet.

Ice Cream

All our ice cream flavors start out with our basic vanilla custard that we make in small batches daily. The only ingredients are milk, cream, eggs, raw cane sugar, and vanilla bean. From this beautiful base we are able to have some fun and come up with interesting flavors that change periodically utilizing fresh seasonal ingredients whenever we can.